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Pedal to Success: Why a Red Fox Cycling Adventure is the Perfect Corporate Team Building Activity

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Team of cyclists following a Red Fox Cycling Guide on a country road

Did you know that in 2014, research by the British Heart Foundation found that cyclists are considered 13% more intelligent and 10% more charitable than non-cyclists? And even better – people who cycle are generally viewed as ‘cooler’ and more attractive? But we don’t need to tell you that. If you’re reading this page, you probably already know that cyclists are the best. And if you’re not a cyclist? Well, what are you waiting for?

Let’s imagine for a moment. It's the end of a long but successful quarter. Profits are up, spirits are high, but the team is, naturally, tired. A teambuilding event is looming - not exactly a welcome prospect across the board. However, this is a Red Fox Cycling corporate event, tailored entirely to the requirements and desires of your company and its employees. So, with a spring in your step and a song in your heart, you strap on the Lycra, hop in the saddle and hit the road.

Oh, and speaking of Lycra, that survey by the BHF also found that 63% of respondents can’t get enough of that tight-yet-stretchy, ultra-revealing fabric. Now there’s something to ponder on.

Okay, first things first: it's all about fitness and fresh air. Not only does cycling blow the cobwebs away, it gets your body moving and clears your mind. Before long, you'll feel your physical and mental wellbeing starting to improve – although there may be a few aches and pains along the way, of course. No guts, no glory.

Anyone who's successful in any walk of life knows that teamwork is key. A corporate bike ride inspires a sense of togetherness - everyone heading in the same direction, pushing each other along, offering assistance to those in need, striving towards the same goal. For those with a competitive streak, there may be that urge to reach the finishing line first, and that's to be encouraged. But equally, there's no shame in tootling along at the back, taking in the scenery. A cycling event doesn't have to be exclusively hardcore men in tight shorts. (Although, if you’re in the 63% and that does happen to be your bag, it can be arranged.). It doesn’t matter whether you’re experienced or a novice, Red Fox’s expert team are adept at catering for riders of all abilities. You can ride with confidence, knowing that if you need help, help is always at hand.

Red Fox team working on a bike in front of the branded van

On a related note, you might be wondering what's become of the avowed non-cyclists in your group? Don’t worry, they’re being well looked after by the Red Fox team. Maybe they’re taking part in a relaxing yoga retreat, a refreshing spa day, a challenging hike or a boozy darts lash-up. Or maybe they’ve read that first paragraph about cyclists being hot and alluring and they’re now doing inadvisable wheelies at the front of the peloton.

Organising your company cycle ride via Red Fox also gives you the opportunity to put something back into the community. It's not a prerequisite, but often people taking part in Red Fox organised cycle rides decide to raise money for a good cause as part of their adventure. We all have charities close to our hearts, and if you’re going to put the miles in then why not look for some sponsorship to help spur you on your way? From an organisational point of view, this helps towards your corporate social responsibility targets. And from a personal perspective, it’ll make you feel virtuous. Remember, you’re 10% more charitable as soon as your feet hit the pedals. But never mind about all that: it’s just good to be altruistic and help out others, and if you can do that while you also happen to be enjoying yourself, all the better.

After a sweaty and challenging few hours on the bike, what could be better than stopping for a spot of lunch in the beer garden of a quaint pub, sipping a rejuvenating drink while taking in the pleasant sight of elegant swans drifting gracefully along the adjacent river? As well as taking a well-earned breather, the rest-stop also gives you time to shoot the breeze with colleagues and friends. That guy in accounts who has occasionally been known to wind you up? Well now’s the chance to wind down together, helping to restore the harmony of the team. And it's also a perfect opportunity to impress those highly valued clients you've invited along for the day. You can discuss important business matters on a more informal footing, over a cup of tea or perhaps something a bit stronger. (But not too much stronger – we don’t want you wobbling off your bike into that adjacent river.)

A group of cyclists in a pub garden visible through an arch in a flower covered wall

Every step of the cycling event has been designed in advance by the Red Fox team in accordance with your wishes, so you can rest assured that everything will run safely and smoothly. Before the journey, the crew will unearth hidden gems along the route, from hard-to-reach natural beauty spots to delightful out-of-the-way cafes. Both your personal and business Instagram accounts will be alive with striking images of breathtaking scenery. Red Fox will source top-notch, comfortable accommodation for overnight stays during multi-day excursions. Over the course of the trip, they will do as little or as much as you like. Whether you want a casual day out or expert, hands-on management throughout the experience, your wish is Red Fox’s command. All you have to do is ask.

As the sun sets on a beautiful day, it’s time to pause and reflect on what you’ve achieved. Perhaps you’ve pushed yourself more than you thought possible, ridden faster or farther than ever before, accomplished a personal best. You might have made new friends from other departments who you’ve rarely spoken to in the past. Or maybe you’ve refused to let go of old grudges, and you’ve razzed passed that annoying guy in accounts and pipped him to the post right at the very last moment. All perfectly valid achievements.

Five cyclists standing together, holding cans and smiling to camera

It goes without saying that the workforce will now be fitter and more closely bonded. There will be a feeling of goodwill towards the company for organising such an intoxicating teambuilding event, incentivising employees and leading to greater productivity going forward. Now the journey is at an end, your adventures will become cherished memories to be shared for years to come. Everyone will be itching to take part in another ride. At least, let’s hope that’s why they’re itching. Those saddles can be unforgiving at times.

Where will be your next destination? London to Brighton or Cambridge or Edinburgh? Really challenge yourself and go coast to coast, or Land’s End to John O’Groats? Or maybe somewhere even further afield – perhaps you could head over to Europe, make a weekend of it. Among the most popular corporate bike rides are trips to Amsterdam or Paris. You could stick a yellow jersey on and pretend you’re taking part in the Tour de France, raising your arms aloft as you breast the imaginary tape. Remember, Red Fox organise bespoke events guided only by your imagination, so the possibilities are limitless.

Cycling is for everybody. We design and deliver tailored, professionally guided, inclusive, group cycling events, from team away days to multi-day cycle challenges. Our aim is to bring people together through shared adventures.

The story you’ve just read is only one example of the thrills and spills that await those taking part in a Red Fox organised cycle ride. So, what would you like your story be? Let us help you to write it.


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