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Bristol to Green Man

Crack open the first beer of the weekend and start the party a day early by joining the third year of our 2 day organised cycle ride to GM 24!!!


In a nutshell, this is the most cool, calm, courageous and eco-conscious way to travel! Imagine 2 days of glorious countryside cycling, a stunning overnight camp by the River Usk in South Wales and a lavish country pub dinner with a group of like-minded adventurers. And all this before you even arrive at the festival!

A group of cyclists with a female guide up front stationary in the road
Group of riders posing for a fun photograph
Group of cyclist in Red Fox t-shirts having a group hug

Details of the ride

Start date: Tuesday 13 August 2024

End date: Wednesday 14 August 2024

Start time: 9:30am

End time: 5pm

Ride duration: 2 days


Ride intensity

Average distance per day: 38 miles

Time cycling per day: 4 hours

Intensity: Moderate​



Outward only price: £114

Return price: £36

Outward Ride + Return price: £150


Whats included

  • We'll create the route and guide you.

  • We'll carry your bags and camping equipment in our support van.

  • Lunch each day and breakfast after our overnight camp.

  • A pitch in a beautiful campsite for our overnight camp.

  • Delicious roadside snacks and drinks.

  • Access to the Green Man site a day early (on Wednesday).

  • A free beer and fast track entry to the site.

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Concert Crowd

Visit to see more.
Get in touch if you have any questions!

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