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Our story

Our story started in 2018 when Rich (the now Red Fox) and partner Tui made a choice. A choice to leave the car at home and instead take on the multi-day cycle ride from London to Glastonbury Festival. It was a choice for adventure and challenge over the sedentary and safe. From this small acorn grew what is now the mighty (but also still very warm and cosy) Red Fox Cycling.


5 years on we run fully supported, fully guided cycling events for armies of field-bound sustainability-conscious festival goers, corporate cycling events for businesses looking to escape the office and build community and weekend adventures for private groups.

Meet the Team

Our Red Fox team has grown from just 1 to more than 30 adventurers and we're proud to say every guide who has joined us along the say is still with us.


Our niche is cycling events. Pure and simple.


+44 7525 371 579



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