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The backs of a group of cyclists on the road in the countryside in colourful shorts and a red fox t-shirt

Ride to Wilderness Charity Fundraiser

This year by signing up to cycle to Wilderness you won’t only be doing fantastic things for your body, the environment and making some new festival buddies, you’ll be able to directly help raise funds to support the important work of


How it works

The ride itself will be a fully guided and supported one day 80 miles (120km) challenging ride from West London, Richmond to Wilderness Festival. 

Our experienced guides will plan and lead the ride, chatting with and encouraging you, whilst you focus on enjoying the scenery. Red Fox champions our capacity to get all riders to the end of an event like this, so if the distance is a little daunting, understand our guides will be there to support you the whole way. 


Our route takes in the glorious Thames-side towns of Royal Windsor, Eton and Marlow, Oxford with its famous colleges, striking architecture and charming Cotswold villages. 


Our Red Fox support van will journey every mile with us. We’ll carry your festival kit, snacks and water will always be close at hand and the Support team will deal with mechanicals swiftly and professionally. 

What you’ll be supporting

We’re supporting Wilderness' huge ambition to raise £5000 for Child.Org on this year’s ride to the festival. Your fundraising for Ride to Wilderness will help support more mums and babies through their Team Mum pregnancy support groups. These groups provide life-saving health advice for pregnant women and encourage them to use maternal and newborn health services during pregnancy, delivery and the postnatal period, ultimately making pregnancies safer for women, as well as increasing the chances of survival for their newborns.

How the fundraising works

Once you’ve signed-up to this year's Ride to Wilderness, you’ll receive a confirmation email with information on how to set up a fundraising page. You’ll be provided a template which you can personalise as much or as little as you wish. You can then share your personal fundraising page around your family, friends and colleagues and comment your thanks when they donate. To create a little bit of healthy competition, on the main fundraising page you’ll be able to compare your fundraising efforts with other riders.

Group of cyclist in Red Fox t-shirts having a group hug

Details of the ride

  • Start date: Thursday 3 August 2023

  • End date: Thursday 3  August 2023

  • Start time:  8am

  • End time: 6pm

  • Ride duration: 1 days


Ride intensity

  • Average distance per day: 80 miles (120km)

  • Time cycling per day: 8 hours

  • Intensity: Challenging



  • Outward only price: £79.50

  • Return price: £36

  • Outward Ride + Return price: £115.50


Whats included

  • We'll create the route and guide you.

  • We'll carry your bags and camping equipment in our support van.

  • Delicious roadside snacks and drinks.

  • Private arrival celebration

  • A platform to raise funds for

  • Secure storage of your bike in the Wilderness bike park
    (own lock needed).


Arrival party

This is a challenging event so to celebrate all your efforts and fundraising Wilderness will be holding a small private celebration upon arrival. Imagine welcome drinks, a disco just for you and lots of congratulations/ thanks! The theme for this year's Ride to Wilderness is ‘Wild Animals', anything from the scraggly wild fox you’d spot in our city parks to the sleek lioness that prowls the safari parks in Kenya and all wild creatures in between!


Bike rental and return journey

You can rent a bicycle for Ride to Wilderness, and, for those that need it, Red Fox can bring you and your bike back to Richmond on Monday 7 August after the festival.

An illustrated map of the cycle route from London to Wilderness Festival
Concert Crowd

Prepare your cycling legs, don your sporting attire and join us in doing something utterly fantastic for a worthy cause.  Visit ticketmaster to book your place now.
Get in touch if you have any questions!

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