Travel to Larmer Tree festival the fun way... take in the beach, stunning river views,
idyllic rural villages and quaint little country lanes all in one ride

We do all the planning and organising
(included in the base price)

We'll create the route and navigate

We'll carry your bags and
camping equipment

We'll provide lunch on the day

We'll set up snack stops along the way

Your bike will be stored securely over
the festival weekend

Base price £38 per person

We can bring you and
your bike back after the festival

We'll book you a return coach ticket and
transport your bike back to the ride start point

£17.00 per person

Enjoy lovely freebies when you reach the Larmer Tree site

Refreshing drink

Festival programme

Hot shower

Starting at Bournemouth station and ending at Larmer Tree Gardens

Bournemouth Station, Bournemouth
Thursday 19th July (8:30am)



cycle with the Red Fox

There will be 5-6 hours in the saddle

Thursday 19th July (4pm)
Larmer Tree Gardens, Wiltshire

The route is as varied as it is beautiful

This is a relaxed ride but you'll need
to be able to cycle 40 miles in a day

The only things not included in the price are

A lift to the ride
start point and back

A festival ticket

Detailed Itinerary

Getting to the ride start point

The adventure begins at Bournemouth Railway station, though we can pick you upen route in Poole if that's easier. Bournemouth is well connected by rail to surrounding areas. It's less tan 30 minutes from Southampton, 45 minutes from Dorchester or just over an hour from Salisbury, so it's really accessible. The ride starts at 8:30am and we'll provide plent of guidance to help you plan your journey to Bournemouth.


Bournemouth Group: Coffee and breakfast in a comfy café in Bournemouth. Intro to guides & group (self-funded & optional).


Meet at Bournemouth Railway station. Guides load bags and camping equipment into support van. Ride briefing.

8:30am – 9:30am

Our day begins with a casual ride along the seafront (it is summer after all). We'll join the cycle path at Bournemouth Pier as far as Sandbanks beach. The seafront cycle path should be relatively quiet at this time so we'll avoid the summer hordes.


Poole Group: Meet at Poole Railway station. Guides load bags and camping equipment into support van. Ride briefing. Bournemouth and Poole ride groups converge.

9:30am – 10:30am

Leaving Poole, we enjoy quiet riding on a little off-road bay-side path around Holes Bay and then cut through Upton Country Park. Our first climb of the day takes us through Lytchet Matravers and into Sturminster Marshall. Now it starts to feel like the countryside!

Snack Stop (around 10:30am)

Tea, coffee and sweet treats in Sturnminster Marshall

11am - 1pm

Pretty Mill Lane takes us on a gorgeous crossing over the River Stour (don’t forget to bring your camera) and into the Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Expect quiet lanes and rural country villages for the rest of the day! The riverside village of Shapwick is lovely and Tarrant Crawford is the meeting point for two rivers, the Stour and the Tarrant. It is also known for its ‘wayside cross’ which we will ride past. Continuing through the Tarrant Valley, we’ll also see Tarrant Keyneston, Tarrant Rushton and Tarrant Rawston. Keep an eye of out for an historic church in each and every village. St Mary’s Church in Tarrant Rushton is believed to have once contained a hospital for lepers! Leaving the Tarrant Valley, we pass the old World War II Royal Air Force base outside Tarrant Rushton and will enjoy wonderful views of open country as we cut east towards the civil parish of Witchampton.

Lunch (around 1pm)

Lunch stop in or around Witchampton.

1:30pm – 2:30pm

After lunch we join the pretty National Cycle Route 253, a circular network of country lanes running through the open farmland of Dorset and Wiltshire. Crichel Lane offers wonderful views in all directions and the tree-lined avenue out of Moor Crichel is beautiful. There’s a brief brush with civilisation as we enter Gussage All Saints. Keep an eye out for its pretty church peeking out between the treetops. The ride continues past the Sovell Down Nature Reserve, a small oasis of chalk grassland and thick hedgerows, and into Gussage St Michael.

Snack Stop (around 2:30pm)

Short break in or around Gussage St Michael.

3pm – 4pm

The final stretch of the ride is quiet and peaceful. Beyond Cashmoor, every village is full of beautiful thatched cottages and little white picket fences. Farnham, in particular, is a real gem. The final climb into Larmer Tree is fairly long but gradual and you’ll definitely feel a sense of achievement once it’s over! We’ll aim to arrive at the festival at about 4pm.

What happens when we arrive

Working together with the Larmer Tree team, we’ll make sure the experience is smooth and stress-free. We’ll relieve you of your bikes as you arrive and lock them up for you. They’ll be safe and secure on the Larmer Tree festival site over the weekend. We’ll also hand back your bags and camping equipment. We’ll provide more information about the exciting perks the Larmer Tree folks are offering, and how to claim them, closer to the time.

Price £38 per person