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Red Fox Cycling

Upgraded Camping (Green Man Bike Ride)

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Pre-pitched tent for up to 4 people to be used on overnight camp (Tuesday 18 August 2020) on the Green Man Bike Ride.

We'll provide a basic tent, pre-pitch it for you and take it down in the morning.


  • Ride start point. Bristol.
  • Tent size. 1 man (+£15), 2 man (+£20), 3 man (+£25) or 4 man (+£30)
  • Number of air mats & travel pillows needed. 1 (included with tent), 2 (+£2), 3 (+£4), 4 (+£6)

Prices cover every overnight camp for the duration of your ride.

Remember: If you want to keep your tent, air mats and travel pillows over the full festival weekend you can add Weekend Camping Equipment Hire to your booking.


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What should I pay now?

Choose to pay in full now or just £25 to reserve your place. We'll be in touch 6 weeks before the ride to remind you to pay the remainder.

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