Timber FAQs

Our FAQs

Why would I cycle to Timber?

It's fun, relaxing, healthy, good for the environment and a great way to make a new group of festival buddies! Also, the lovely team at Timber are offering a £42.50 discount on your festival ticket for joining the ride. Which means the outward ride and all that comes with it is effectively free!

How do I get my bags and camping equipment to Timber?

We’ll carry them for you in our Red Fox support van and we’ll hand them back when we arrive at Timber.

How do I get my bags and bicycle back home?

We’ll take you and your bags back to Birmingham by coach or minibus. Your bike travels with us in our Red Fox support van (costs £20 extra for the return).

Do I have to know the route?

No! There'll be a guide who navigates so you can focus on enjoying the ride.

Do I have to bring my own food?

No! Lunch is included (either a roadside picnic or a village pub or café) and we'll serve up snacks, tea, coffee & soft drinks to keep you nourished and hydrated.

Do I have to be a hardcore cyclist to take part?

No! You can ride as quickly or as slowly as you like. There will be plenty of breaks and the Red Fox team never leaves anyone behind. We design our rides to give an experience, not to get there as fast as possible.

I’m travelling solo. Can I join?

Of course! About a third of our riders travel solo. The Red Fox guides are welcoming and friendly, and it's a great way to meet other Timber lovers.