Start of the season ride


Price: Free
Distance: 53 miles
Grading: Heart-raising
Meeting time: 9.30am
Start point: ENFOOD @ Enfield Town Library (66 Church St, Enfield EN2 6AX)
Cycling time: About 6 to 7 hours of actual cycling
End point: The Mill, 14 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RX (Close to Cambridge Train Station, with direct access back to London via Kings Cross and Liverpool Street)
Approx end time: 5.30pm
Group of cyclists stationary looking and waving to camera

Follow the Red Fox on our very special one day, social ride to celebrate the start of the 2022 season. Cycling as a group, we'll ride from London to Cambridge. The route is planned by our experienced team, expect an 'Escape the City' style friendly ride, with snack and lunch stops planned into the journey.

A little different to our more inclusive style weekend rides, this one is FREE TO JOIN! We'll provide experienced guides to lead the ride, but this time it's up to you to bring and carry your own supplies as we won't be bringing our usual support van.

The backs of a group of cyclists on a country road


We'll meet at ENFOOD @ Enfield Town Library (66 Church St, Enfield EN2 6AX) (Nearest station: Enfield Chase or Enfield Town - Bikes can be taken on the overground or rail). The ride will end within easy access of Cambridge train station that has a direct line back to London via Kings Cross or Liverpool Street.


We'll stop during the ride for snack breaks and lunch. There will be opportunity to purchase food, but please make sure you have a good supply of fluids and snacks as we won't be bringing our support van or usual supplies this time. There will be opportunity to visit a pub after the ride where we can get refreshments before you embark on your train journey home.


  • Choosing the right cycling clothing is about two things, flexibility and comfort. ‘Layering’ is a good way to change up and down with the weather without being overly cold or overheated. Ideally carry a warm base layer and thin waterproof outer shell in your day pack.
  • Please note you are required to wear a cycle helmet.
  • Water (at least 1 and ideally 2 litres).
  • Nutritional snacks.
  • Money for drinks and refreshments during the ride.
  • At least one spare inner tube.
  • Strong bicycle lock.

Group of cyclists stationary on the side of the road under a large tree


The route is suitable for road bikes, hybrid bikes and mountain bikes. However, the entire route is on paved roads. If you are lucky enough to have a choice of bicycles or you are hiring a bicycle for the ride, we recommend a lightweight road bike with thin tyres (28mm or below). This should give you a bit of extra help up the hills!


It's simple, email Rich at, with your name and mobile number, and confirmation that we can add your email to our mailing list and we'll be in touch to confirm your place!

Come with friends or join us alone. We're a very welcoming inclusive group! We just ask that you are physically able to cycle 53 miles. And for insurance purposes over 18's only this time please.


Please be aware this is a guided but not supported ride. We will not be providing food or drink, and we will not have the support of the Red Fox Van. Please be prepared to carry on your person everything you will need for this one day adventure ride. Our guides will be on hand to help with any unexpected issues that happen on the road, but you are responsible for making sure your bike is road worthy before the start of the ride. Remember to bring replacement inner tubes!


Got any questions? Get in touch via email, socials, our website messaging system or a carrier pigeon, we'd love to hear from you!


Our ride grading explained



Less than 40 miles per day, fairly flat throughout, few climbs, no long or steep hill climbs.

A relaxed experience. Suitable for novices and near novices with a reasonable level of fitness and experienced cyclists who prefer a leisurely style of riding.

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30 to 45 miles per day, potentially with some hills, but few of which that are long or steep.

Still relaxed and leisurely but less flat with more undulating terrain and one or more moderately intense hill climbs each day. Suitable for active novices and near-novices with a good level of fitness and experienced cyclists for whom a totally flat ride is not exciting or challenging enough.

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35 to 60 miles per day, multiple hill climbs or a long distance (never both at this level), physically challenging.

A more intense physical challenge. Either varied elevation throughout with multiple hill climbs, some steep over distances of up to 40 miles per day. Or limited climbing but riding longer distances of up to 60 miles per day. Suitable for confident and capable cyclists who have previously completed full day cycle rides and climbed multiple hills in a day.

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50 to 80 miles per day, regular and long hill climbs (some steep) and fairly long distances, challenging to any cyclist.

Designed to be a challenging but achievable ride for the experienced cyclist. Multiple challenging climbs, some of them steep. Suitable for experienced riders who have either already completed or are capable of completing a Heart-Raising (Level 3) ride and want to push themselves to the next level. Some training and preparation recommended.

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More than 70 miles per day, for fit, highly experienced cyclists and sportive riders only.

Not for the faint hearted. Suitable for very fit cyclists who love to push themselves. Significant training and preparation recommended.

Sound perfect for you? We are not currently running any Expert grade rides. Please check back for more details.