Ride Grading


Leisurely ride grade

Less than 35 miles per day, minimal to no hill climbs.

A relaxed experience. Novice and near-novice friendly. Also suitable for experienced cyclists who prefer a leisurely style of riding.

Take a look at Escape the City to the Essex Countryside.


Moderate ride grade

25 to 45 miles per day, some hill climbs.

Still relaxed and leisurely but with two or more moderately intense hill climbs each day. Suitable for novices and near-novices with a good level of fitness looking to move to the next level and experienced cyclists.

Take a look at Escape the City to the Chiltern Hills.


Heart-raising ride grade

35 to 55 miles per day, multiple hill climbs, physically challenging.

A moderately intense physical challenge. Varied elevation throughout with multiple hill climbs. Suitable for experienced cyclists comfortable with full day rides of 40 to 50 miles.

Take a look at Escape the City London to BrightonEscape the City to the Cotswolds or Escape the City to the High Weald.


Challenging ride grade

40 to 65 miles per day, regular hill climbs (some steep), very challenging.

A challenge ride for the experienced cyclist. Multiple challenging climbs, some of them steep. Suitable for regular riders who want to push themselves. Some training and preparation recommended.

Take a look at Escape the City to the Yorkshire Dales.


Expert ride grade

More than 70 miles per day, for fit, highly experienced cyclists and sportive riders only.

Not for the faint hearted. Suitable for very fit cyclists who love to push themselves. Significant training and preparation recommended.