Our Friends

We work with like-minded companies who share our ethos of sustainability and care for the planet alongside our values of health, well-being and enjoyment.

Our Friends - Dorset Cereals

A firm breakfast favourite amongst the Red Fox Cycling Team, Dorset Cereals are renowned cereal makers based in the beautiful county of Dorset.  (Try their spectacular grains selection - the apricots and papaya with toasted spelt and popped quinoa is an absolute breakfast winner, we promise it’s even better than it sounds!)  Alongside making delicious cereal, they take being green very seriously.  They ensure all their suppliers meet their high ethical standards, they will recycle everything possible and have a 0% landfill policy.  They support the Woodland trust and have even planted 1,000 trees themselves in Poundbury in Dorset!  Plus they’ve given us all a reason to snack on brazil nuts like they do; as long as there is a demand for brazil nuts, the trees in the Amazon Rainforest will be protected alongside the bees which pollinate their flowers.  So let’s all keep munching on those brazil nuts and save the rainforests!

If you sign up for one of our rides in 2020, you’ll be in for a breakfast treat and sufficiently fuelled up with Dorset Cereals.

Dorset Cereal 2019 Shambala Ride
Our Friends - Energy Revolution

Yes, yes a revolution but not as we’ve known a revolution before!  Energy Revolution are a charity leading the way for a much-needed revolution for energy.  The embodiment of all we stand for at Red Fox Cycling, Energy Revolution is helping the live events industry become more sustainable.  They cleverly offer festival go-ers (and suppliers and artists) the opportunity to support a renewable energy project to off-set their calculated carbon emissions from their journey to and from the festival.  As we at Red Fox are fully aware, travel staggeringly contributes up to 60-80% of a festival’s carbon footprint.  Even Red Fox have to use modes of transport that create carbon emissions at times – our support van for instance.  But we log all our support vehicle and coach travel and donate to balance these fossil fuel miles. 100% of all donations to Energy Revolution are invested in carefully chosen sustainable energy projects including wind turbine and reforestation in India, community owned solar and wind across the UK and helping schools install solar panels on their roofs.  Together Energy Revolution’s members have balanced over 8.4 million fossil fuel travel miles since 2015! We’re working with them to help them reach their target of 10 million miles by 2020.  In their words, ‘so we can keep the party going forever’.  We’ll drink to that!  www.energy-revolution.org.uk

Want to become one of our friends? Get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you!