Our Environmental Pledge

Our Environmental Pledge Header

We passionately believe in protecting nature and the environment. We also love cycling.

In 2008, the Climate Change Act set a legally binding target to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% (from the 1990 baseline) by 2050. Transport accounts for an enormous 26% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

So where do music festivals come into this? 

In 2016, we learned that up to 80% of an average festival’s carbon emissions are down to audience travel to and from the event. A further 80% of those transport emissions come from cars and camper vans yet, despite efforts to encourage car sharing and coach travel, only a handful of festivals (from over 500 in the UK) made any provision for cyclists.

This seemed crazy to us.

So, in January 2018, we launched Red Fox Cycling with a single, clear objective to make cycling the most fun, rewarding and environmentally friendly way to travel to festivals.  We guided 83 cyclists to events in 2018.  One year on, we have forged partnerships with and are set to run rides to over 15 music festivals across the UK.
Our dream is to guide 1% of UK music festival goers to events by 2050 (about 35,000 of you).

Help us protect our beautiful planet.