Ipswich to Latitude

Travel the sustainable (and, the fun) way this year with a day of glorious cycling through the Suffolk countryside to Latitude Festival...

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Start Date : Thursday 18th July 2019

Start Point : Ipswich railway station

Start Time : 11am

Number of miles : 36

Hours of cycling per day : 4-5

Arrival Date : Thursday 18th July 2019

Arrival Time : 5pm

End Point : Henham Park, Suffolk

Ride Grading : Moderate

Ride grading - Moderate

This is a fairly gentle ride and suitable for anyone with a moderate level of fitness.


This ride starts on the banks of the River Orwell in Ipswich town centre. After joining forces with our weary London riders, we'll weave out of Ipswich past its pretty Anglican Church and Temple of Remembrance. Just minutes after leaving town, it's country village after country lane after country village. And repeat!

Sleepy Monewden, with its looming church and Cransford, full of tree lined country lanes are our personal favourites and we'll most likely take a well deserved lunch break at around 1pm.

The afternoon's riding is equally delightful and we plan to reach Latitude by 5pm. Our guides and support van will journey every mile with us, providing food, mechanical support and plenty of encouragement. We can even bring you and your bike back home after the festival. All you need to do is turn up and have fun.


Exclusive perks for our Latitude Riders:

  • We're working on it!


WHAT'S INCLUDED? (Outward ride only price £45)

  1. We'll create the route and guide you
  2. We'll carry your bags and camping equipment in our support van
  3. We'll provide lunch on the day of the ride
  4. We'll keep you nourished and hydrated with delicious snacks and water
  5. Storage of your bike on the Latitude festival site (own lock needed)

PLEASE NOTE: A Latitude Festival ticket is not included in the ride price. Book your Latitude 2019 ticket at https://www.latitudefestival.com/tickets.

We'll create the route and guide you   We'll carry your bags and camping equipment in our support van   We'll provide lunch each day and breakfast after our overnight camp         


  1. We can bring you and your bike back to the start point after the festival £15 return


Follow the red fox to Latitude. Book Now.