Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my bags and camping gear to the festival?

We carry your bags, tent and camping equipment in our Red Fox support van. You'll have access to all of your gear when we arrive at the festival or, on multi-day rides, when we reach our campsite each evening.

Do I have to cycle back?

No! We always offer a 'return' option on all of our rides. That means we'll take you back (by coach) and your bike (in our Red Fox support van). We'll hand back your bike as you get off the coach.  Alternatively, you could chuck yourself and your bike in the back of a friend's car. Car sharing helps to protect the environment too.

Isn't this more expensive than driving?

Well, it depends.  The face value price of our rides is usually marginally more than train or coach travel. However,  all of our festivals offer perks for cyclists like a dicounted festival ticket, use of fancy loos and showers and even free beer! So sometimes it works out cheaper to cycle. The question then becomes, how much would you pay for a new group of festival buddies and a 1, 2 or 3 day cycling experience in the beautiful British countryside? Our rides are much more than a mode of transport.

Do I need to own my own bike?

Most of our riders bring their own bike. However, from Summer 2019, we'll be offering a bicycle hire option on our London and Bristol rides. Get in touch with us if you need to organise bike hire in another city.

How fit do I need to be?

Rides vary in length and elevation.  On all rides we aim to limit mileage to no more than 50 miles per day so we think it's sufficient to be moderately fit and able to ride a bike confidently. We've also given each ride a 'Difficulty Grading' and it's best to check before you book.

What kind of bike is suitable?

All of our rides are suitable for road bikes, hybrid bikes and mountain bikes. We generally cycle on paved roads, though sometimes we cycle short stretches of canal towpath or track to avoid busy roads.

Do you cater for vegans and vegetarians?

Absolutely. We can accommodate all dietary needs. Just let us know before you turn up on ride day!

Will my bike be securely stored over the festival weekend?

Yes. All of our festivals have a secure bick lock-up facility.  Often, the facility is stewarded 24 hours a day.  Having said that, you should always bring your own lock just to be safe and we usually bring several lengths of braided steel cable to add extra security.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We will always run the ride no matter how bad the conditions are. Luckily on all of our 2018 rides we were blessed with beautiful sunshine! We do, of course, risk assess the route to make sure it is safe, and we make sure we have shelter and the chance to dry off over snack breaks and lunch.

How much equipment will you carry per person?

We can take one large bag (up to 20kg) per person and one tent. If you need to take other items, please get in touch.  We may be able to make exceptions and will always try to be flexible.

How do I get my bags and camping equipment to the ride start point?

All of our rides start at a major railway station, precisely to make it easy to get there. Alternatively, get a friend to give you a lift or, if you're feeling brave, you could always cycle!