Shambala and Red Fox Cycling featured on the BBC

The Red Fox ride to Shambala featured on the BBC

Not only are we proud to have offered an environmentally friendly fun way to reach Shambala again this year, we're ecstatic that Tom, one of our 120 riders, was asked to share his experience by the BBC.  

Tom Hague is one of the many people who took part in a guided cycling tour to the festival. He cycled more than 100 miles over two days to get there.

"Cycling is a better way to get there rather than turning up in your own car or turning up on bus.

"It feels like more of an achievement, you've done some exercise and you've put yourself in a nice condition to enjoy the rest of the weekend," says Tom.


BBC News website

Helping 1% of the festivals audience arrive by bike this year, we hope we can do even more in 2020 to add to Shambala's impressive sustainablility achievements.

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