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Positive News Greener Festivals article

We were very happy to be recognised in Positive.News' article highlighting the efforts our festivals are taking to green up their acts! From ditching the one use serveware and switching to fully compostable plates and cutlery, removing meat and fish from the menu, and sourcing the drinks from local breweries. Switching entirely to compost toilets or partnering with Loowatt who actually create electricity from your 'deposits', to us - leading the way in 'two-wheeled convoys'!

Transport remains the biggest challenge for festivals, and as many strive towards being carbon neutral, we want to step up and help! Last year was a great year for us shaping sustainable travel to festivals across the UK, and this year we plan on getting even more of you to join our rides!

Take a look at our festivals for 2020

You can read the full article here. 


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