Dorset Cereals Breakfast range

Enjoy ‘breakfast on the slow’ with Red Fox Cycling and Dorset Cereals 

Breakfast on the slow with Dorset Cereals

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Dorset Cereals this year who will be providing breakfast for our multi-day festival rides and all our Escape the City weekends. We only choose to work with like-minded companies who share our ethos of sustainability and care for the planet alongside our values of health, well-being and enjoyment. Dorset Cereals are the embodiment of all of the above and of course they make truly delicious cereals! We love their emphasis on taking time to enjoy breakfast with their ‘breakfast on the slow’ campaign. This particularly resonates with our Escape the City weekends and our wish to help busy city folk relax and unwind, away from the hustle and bustle. And on top of all of this, two of the Red Fox Cycling team grew up in the beautiful county of Dorset and we love to champion our home county! 

Alongside making delicious cereal, Dorset Cereals take being green very seriously. They ensure all their suppliers meet their high ethical standards, they recycle everything possible and have a 0% landfill policy. They support the Woodland trust and they’ve even planted 1,000 trees themselves in Poundbury in Dorset! 

We love all the Dorset Cereals range but a particular favourite of the Red Fox team is their spectacular grains selection - the apricots and papaya with toasted spelt and popped quinoa is undoubtedly scrumptious! What’s your favourite Dorset Cereal? Get in touch so we can be sure to have it available for you on your ride! 

Get to know Dorset Cereals, visit their website


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